A Plant with a Passport

An innovation idea that aim to balance human interventions on the nature by developing an environment friendly mindset in the kids

‘A Plant with a Passport’ (PwP) is a humble attempt to sow a few seeds of innovation within the future generations while preparing them ready for the climate change challenges getting intense day by day. I thought of starting it with my own kids for two reasons. Even though I was very active in my last company innovation initiatives for more than 11 years, I had spent only a very little time with my kids for nurturing their talents and guiding them on their extra-curricular activities. That makes it indispensable for me to start some initiatives along with them to develop their attitude (By the way, my perspective of innovation is like this – “Innovation is an attitude for a person where as it is a culture for a company”). Secondly, I realize that innovation shall not be restricted within the walls your organization only, but it should be embedded within all dimensions of your life. A few weeks after stepping down from my last company, I think this is my best time to cater to the needs of my family at the same time spreading the light of innovation around the society I live in.

The idea is to nurture the habit of planting within the young generations, especially the kids making it an integral part of their entire life cycle. At the very base level, each planting is recorded in a document called Plant Passport and the each life cycle stage for that specific plant is recorded in the same document till the end. Even though I have started the first few passports using pocket notes, my actual intention is to have an App for doing the same, making it very simple for the plant owner to maintain multiple plants simultaneously. Additionally, an App would make it easy to spread the initiative beyond boundaries and make it easy to evaluate the overall progress at the same time making it easy to recognize individuals based on their progress. My aspiration is to embed this as part of school curriculum, recognizing each student performance by a grading system and further extending the activities beyond schools and colleges by making it a desired qualification for jobs, promotions, government funding etc. This way, we can prompt every individual to follow the practice of planting throughout their entire life cycle thereby planting millions or billions of plants all around the world.

So here is the first step (small step though, I am always inspired by Neil Armstrong quote ;-). We bought a two plants of Malabar Plum (Syzygium Cumini) from our nearby nursery. Each plant ownership was assigned to my kids Farhan and Faiha respectively.

So my responsibility as a Plant Sponsor is done. Now it is the Plant Owner’s responsibility to plant them and take care of the plant from this stage throughout the entire plant life cycle. Of course, I have still got a few more responsibilities as a father to help them dig the pits with enough dimensions :-).

Farhan and Faiha with their plants
Faiha plating
Faiha watering

Now it’s Farhan’s turn as the Plant Owner. Here he goes

Farhan planting
Farhan watering

And here is the first two passports of Farhan and Faiha. As mentioned, this is just an initial format for keeping the things rolling. It needs to be digitalized (Yes, as mentioned in my introductory blog post, digitalization is my favourite topic ; -) for bulk application and passport fields may change based on the digital transformation.

Pocket notes as initial passports
Front page of first Plant Passport

A few days post planting, both the plants look very healthy and a few new leaves seems to be growing on both the plants. While Faiha is very instrumental in watering the plant, Farhan needs a little bit of push to do it promptly. Anyway, there is not much progress to update the passports yet. I hope to update you the progress after sometime.

Like all my previous innovation initiatives, I dream big on this and hope to see this initiative spreading beyond my kids prompting millions of people to plant billions of trees thus protecting our nature and future generations from the climate change challenges. I thank you all in advance for your invaluable comments and suggestions on improvising this idea for shaping it as a perfect one.

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